Linton Parish Council Priorities for 2018

At Linton Parish Council's last meeting, on the 19th July 2018, the council reviewed its general working practices and looked at the ways in which they could be improved.

LPC has identified, with the help of residents, many projects that it would like to action.  Until now these have not been prioritised, and therefore many projects still require the final tasks to be completed before they can be put into place.  Unfortunately many of these final actions require alot of time and resources.  To tackle this LPC has decided to prioritise the projects to enable those which are deemed more time dependent, and most importantly raised by parishioners, are addressed first.

As a result LPC has decided that over the next 6 months the following 3 projects will be undertaken; 

1. The Recreation Ground

It was decided by council that there are a lot of residents in favour of this as a project, so this will become the councils top priority for 2018.   The first step of this prject will be the skate ramp.

Three Councillors were tasked specifically with the role of speaking to contractors to assist with a design that closely matches the specification provided by the youth of the village.  Once LPC have the designs back there will be a public consultation held to allow residents to review these ideas and see which is best suited to Linton.  It is hoped that this meeting will be held in early September so that it is after the school holidays.

2. General Appearance and Improvements

It was decided that the most pressing of the projects under this heading is that of the installation of new benches around the village.  This project has been long standing, but has never been reviewed as a whole project rather than being broken down into manageable chunks.  This is now changing, and as such is well underway.  The aim is that there will be 3 new benches installed within the next 6 months, then a further 3 and so on.

3. Traffic

Following the issue of parking on Market Square and in the High Street, a company has been found that can help with the enforcement.  The remit of permits are being reviewed, and LPC is looking into other options to improve the traffic issues particularly on these roads.

In relation to the parking and traffic around the dangerous junction at Green Lane, a meeting has been arround between LPC and an engineer from CCC to review possible proposals to improve safety at this junction onto the High Street.

It has been agreed that there will be a traffic survey for Hadstock Road, and is awaiting assistance from CCC Speedwatch.  This is in the final stages of being set up, but there is still time to become involved, so please contact the office for further information (


Thank you all for bearing with us whilst projects have been stalled over the past year.  We do hope that you will continue to support your Parish Council whilst it sets about actioning the projects that have been prioritised above.

With this new approach LPC believe they are making a positive step into improving and enhancing our beautiful village.